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About Us


Mission Statement

FUNCO is a non-profit, 100% parent-run preschool for ages 2 – 5. Our mission is to contribute to the development of our children by providing an engaging and organized classroom experience and to promote a sense of self-esteem in children by guiding them through age-appropriate lesson plans that develop them in our four weekly subjects, as well as age-appropriate crafts that develop motor skills, encourage following directions, promote individual creativity and respectful behavior.

Our Program

A cooperative program is operated by the parents of the children enrolled. The parents each hold and execute an important role to ensure our program runs effectively and efficiently in addition to working once weekly in the classroom. 

Each parent works a designated day as well as holds one of 20 positions at the school. These positions include board members, POD’s (parent of the day), teachers, fundraising, field trip coordinator, safety/auditor, supply buyer, party planners, yearbook, and cleaning committee. 


Pre-K Checklist

The following list is what the teachers strive for all students to accomplish before they enter kindergarten:

  • Recognizes basic colors

  • Knows 4 basic shapes

  • Knows first name

  • Name first name

  • Recognizes last name

  • Cuts on simple lines w/scissors

  • Says alphabet

  • Recognizes CAPITAL letters

  • Recognizes lower case letters

  • Recognizes numbers 1-20

  • Says days of week

  • Knows all letter sounds

  • Knows some sight words

  • Can count 1-30

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